Signing In to FedConnect®

Once you have registered as a vendor, and have received an email from FedConnect containing your user ID and temporary password, you can sign in to FedConnect.



You are required to change your password after you sign in to FedConnect for the first time.

To sign in to FedConnect:

  1. Access FedConnect via your internet browser. The FedConnect Home page displays.
  2. Click Sign In to Your FedConnect Account. The Sign In page displays.

The following picture illustrates how the Sign In page might look. Your results might vary.

Sign In Page

  1. On the Sign In page:
  1. In the User ID field, type the email address you used when you registered as a vendor in FedConnect.
  2. In the Password field, type the temporary password that was contained in the email you received from FedConnect confirming your registration.
  1. Click Sign In. The Message Center Inbox displays.
  2. At the prompt, accept the terms and conditions of use.

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