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TitleTypeAgencyIssuing OfficeIssue DateResponse Due DatePSC / FSCNAICSReference Number
Fort Meade, ESC Roof Replacement Project for ConstSolicitationEPA - CAD/OW/PRECAD5/27/2023 06/27/2023 04:00 PM US/Eastern 565023622068HERC23R0135
The purpose of this solicitation is to replace theSolicitationSSA - HeadquartersSocial Security Administration5/26/2023 06/05/2023 03:00 PM US/Eastern 452042372028321323QSSJ00004
REMOVE AND REPLACE DAIKIN UNIT AT WATERTOWN OPERATIONS OFFICE, WT, SDSpecial NoticeDOE - DOEWestern Upper Great Plains Region5/26/2023 11:14:35 AM 05/26/2023 08:00 PM US/Eastern N04589503423QWA000748
EOP VSolicitationDOE - DOEHeadquarters Procurement Services5/26/2023 07/07/2023 12:00 PM US/Eastern R70251821089303023REI000090
Physical and Networking Layer Prototype (PNLP)SolicitationNavy - ONROffice of Naval Research (BD252)1/25/2023 11:00:00 PM 06/12/2023 11:59 PM US/Eastern AC12541715N00014-23-S-BC05
Special Notice - Sole Source Justification - Promium LIMs Service AgreementSpecial NoticeEPA - R9Region 95/25/2023 4:52:21 PM 06/05/2023 05:30 PM US/Eastern DH0154151168HE0923Q0019
Special Notice - Sole Source Justification for Facilitating Community Input onSpecial NoticeEPA - R9Region 95/25/2023 4:30:49 PM 06/05/2023 05:30 PM US/Eastern F99954162068HE0923Q0018
AR/ERa CALUX License AgreementPre-solicitation NoticeEPA - ORD/OARS/EMDORD/ORM/EMD/SAB5/25/2023 10:27:33 PM 06/05/2023 08:00 AM US/Eastern 7A2154151968HE0B23Q0128
Medical Consultant Services for SSA - OMAPre-solicitation NoticeSSA - HeadquartersSocial Security Administration5/25/2023 3:50:11 PM Q52662111128321323Q00000205
The Department of Energy's, Office of Inspector General (OIG), Office of CyberSpecial NoticeDOE - DOEHeadquarters Procurement Services5/25/2023 2:53:44 PM 06/09/2023 03:00 PM US/Eastern 7A2051321089303023NIG000034

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