Opportunity: NOI to issue DE-FOA-0002180 and DE-FOA-0002057


This is a Notice of Intent to issue Funding Opportunity Announcement No. DE-FOA-0002180, titled Design Development and Front End Engineering Design Studies for Coal FIRST Systems and Funding Opportunity Announcement DE-FOA-0002057 titled Critical Components for Coal FIRST Power Plants of the Future. If released, topics for FOA DE-FOA-0002180 will be focused on Coal FIRST system concepts that do not require substantial research and development and instead are ready to proceed to a FEED study after 1-2 years of design development. Topics are anticipated to include the following types of plants, each of which include carbon capture systems: 1.Flexible Ultra Supercritical Coal-Fired Power Plant 2.Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustor with Supercritical Steam Cycle Power Plant 3.Hybrid Natural Gas Turbine USC Coal Boiler Power Plant. If released, the topics for FOA DE-FOA-0002057 may included, but are not limited to, research to develop the critical components in the following areas: 1. Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustor with Supercritical Steam Cycle Power Plant System 2. Indirect Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Plant System 3. Direct-fired Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Plant System 4. Gasification Based Poly-generation (for power and other products, such as NH3) 5. Coal-Fired Direct Injection Combustion Engine & Gas Turbine Compound Reheat Combined Cycle Power Plant System 6. Modular Staged Pressurized Oxy-combustion Power Plant System 7. Flameless Pressurized Oxy-combustion Power Plant System•8. Modular Gasification Syngas Combined Heat and Power Plant System It is anticipated that a draft of this Funding Opportunity Announcement will be posted to grants.gov and fedconnect.net in the second quarter of Calendar Year 2020. A final Announcement is anticipated to be posted in the third quarter of Calendar Year 2020. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED THROUGH THIS NOTICE. Please do not submit questions or respond to this Notic

Reference number: DE-FOA-0002176
Issue date: 10/18/2018
Response due: 01/13/2020 08:00 PM US/Eastern

Set Aside:

Agency: DOE

Contracting office:

National Energy Technology Lab
U.S. Department of Energy
Morgantown Campus
3610 Collins Ferry Road
P.O. Box 880
Morgantown, WV 26507-0880

Place of Performance:

Contact: Raelynn Honkus
Email: Raelynn.Honkus@netl.doe.gov

Vendors conference:



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