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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), is conducting a Market Survey to identify interested parties capable of providing Research and Development ¿ Implementation and Support Services for NETL. THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT SYNOPSIS for information and planning purposes and is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government. This is not a solicitation announcement for proposals and NO CONTRACT will be awarded from this announcement. No reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with providing information in response to this announcement or any follow-up information requests. The information gathered from this sources sought notice will be utilized in the Government's determination on contract and business type utilized in the solicitation. The magnitude of this effort is expected to be $53 million or more per year. It is anticipated that this effort will require access to a variety of higher educational entities with direct access to academic research fellows and associates at the faculty, postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate levels. Therefore, it is expected an interested party will have the management and organizational structure necessary to provide sound oversight, implementation, coordination, and quality control over all aspects of performance including the management and oversight necessary for the variety of teaming and subcontracting arrangements expected under this requirement. The purpose of this requirement is to provide NETL the necessary skilled personnel (primarily scientific and engineering), facilities, equipment, materials, supplies, and services to support, implement and conduct assigned basic, applied, and technology development-based energy research, development and demonstrations. The successful offeror will actively perform and provide support for fundamental and applied research efforts and may include cooperative work with industry, universities and other external entities, in addition to interdisciplinary, collaborative research and development (R&D) with federal in-house technical staff. The requirement objective is to support NETL in its implementation of authorized on- and off-site research and technology development in a manner that: 1) effectively supports DOE¿s efforts to provide energy security; 2) fortifies and increases the Nation¿s engineering and scientific foundations; 3) protects the safety and health of the public, the contractor and its subcontractor employees, and DOE personnel; 4) respects and protects the environment; 5) instills public confidence; 6) accelerates development of energy related technologies to meet the Nation¿s need for reliable, clean, efficient energy systems; 7) provides sound and accurate research results that promote NETL as an industry leader in fossil energy research; and 8) effectively transfers NETL¿s results of basic and applied research and technology development to the public sector. NETL performs R&D in support of DOE¿s Office of Fossil Energy (FE), other DOE Offices, other federal agencies and private entities. This R&D provides the science and engineering basis for the discovery, development, and sustainable deployment of next-generation energy systems that meet the U.S. DOE¿s goals for safety, affordability and National energy security by effectively leveraging its people and its R&D capabilities in strategic partnerships with academia, other research institutions, and the private sector. NETL¿s on-site R&D efforts utilize state-of-the-art capabilities and facilities at sites in Morgantown, WV; Pittsburgh, PA; and Albany, OR. To accomplish the laboratory¿s mission, NETL draws on approximately 1,500 federal and support-contractor employees to implement and manage a broad spectrum of research programs; approximately half are Federal employees and half are site support contractors. NETL¿s current onsite research staff includes approximately 200 Federal scientists and engineers, personnel from private industry, and academic research fellows and associates at the faculty, postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate levels. In addition to on-site research, NETL supports extramural R&D through financial assistance, contracts, interagency agreements, and other mechanisms. NETL ORD research projects cover the range from fundamental investigations through applied science, and from engineering research to technology development, and may include cooperative work with industry and other external entities. Techniques and methodologies employed include but are not limited to computational modeling, advanced instrumental measurements, laboratory investigations, process and device studies, and field work. Projects often crosscut a variety of technical disciplines, including but not necessarily limited to chemistry and chemical engineering, materials science, physics, geology, mechanical engineering, biology, environmental science and engineering, mathematics, electrical engineering, and computer science. The Contractor shall possess the breadth, capability, and flexibility to access resources across these varied areas when required. In particular, the Contractor should develop and maintain a fluid process to engage major regional institutions of higher education in pursuit of collaborative R&D with NETL and Contractor R&D staff. Currently, the NETL ORD¿s research portfolio includes significant efforts in advanced combustion, carbon capture, carbon storage, fuel cells, fuels, gasification, innovative process technologies, methane hydrates, turbine thermal management, and unconventional gas and oil resources in support of the Fossil Energy mission. Key research initiatives include the Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative, the National Risk Assessment Partnership, and the Industrial Carbon Management Initiative. Work performed under the subsequent acquisition will focus on two areas: 1) High risk science and engineering research that is capable of achieving break-through energy solutions to widen the nation¿s economic and energy options; and 2) the development, implementation and maintenance of the R&D infrastructure components relevant to the physical laboratory space and utilities necessary to carry out the research. The breadth of research performed will span from applied fundamental science and engineering research through technology development and demonstrations. Support staff, through this acquisition, will be afforded the opportunity to conceptualize, design, construct, maintain and operate state of the art processes and facilities on-site at NETL that will produce high level results and stimulate a world class collaborative effort with the U.S. Department of Energy. Types of services to be provided include, but are not limited to: ¿ Research directed activities, planning and analysis support ¿ Providing private sector (e.g., industry and academia) expertise capable of producing high quality results relevant to desired research portfolios ¿ Providing R&D device and supporting facility infrastructure design, engineering, and drafting services utilizing Oregon, Pennsylvania and West Virginia board certified personnel as required by applicable federal, national and local policies ¿ Providing R&D device fabrication and testing ¿ Fabrication, maintenance, and disassembly/ decommissioning of NETL research facilities. ¿ Providing R&D test unit and supporting facility infrastructure decontamination, decommissioning, and dismantlement support ¿ Providing computer based modeling, simulation, and visualization support ¿ Data acquisition, analysis, and reporting support In addition, the contractor shall assist NETL Federal staff in: conceptualization and conduct of activities associated with developing, expanding, or pursuing new on-site research opportunities and capabilities; project planning and assessment of research; research primarily on-site, but also on request, at off-site locations including field testing sites; and reporting and dissemination of research results to the scientific and technical community. The successful offeror shall have the management and organizational structure necessary to provide sound oversight, implementation, coordination, and quality control over all aspects of performance including the management and oversight necessary for the variety of teaming and subcontracting arrangements expected under this requirement. The successful offeror shall have access to a wide variety of research staff who possess nationally or internationally recognized expertise in their technical areas as evidenced by patents and/or publication record. Support will require a high degree of innovation and creativity. In addition, the successful offeror shall have access to a variety of higher educational entities with direct access to academic research fellows and associates at the faculty, postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate levels. It is anticipated that the labor skill mix required will include, but is not limited to: ¿ Engineers and scientists from intern to post-doctoral and/or professionally licensed. ¿ Engineering technicians and specialists from entry level to experienced. ¿ Machinists, Electricians, Pipe Layers and Pipe Fitters from entry level to journeyman. ¿ Draftsmen from intern to degreed with experience. ¿ Instrumentation and controls technicians from entry level through degreed with experience. ¿ Welders from entry level to experienced and certified. ¿ Quality Control Specialists from entry level to experienced. ¿ Administrative, clerical and secretarial support. Expression of Interest/Capability Statement Interested concerns are requested to provide the following information in response to this market survey: (1) A cover page (no longer than one page) which briefly describes your company. The cover page shall include, at a minimum, the name of your organization, address, DUNS number, and your business size as it relates to the above stated NAICS code and size standard information listed (specify the business classification: large business, educational, non-profit, not-for-profit, small business, small disadvantaged business, woman owned, veteran owned, disabled veteran owned, 8(a) or HUB Zone) (Note: if a teaming arrangement is proposed your business size should be considered large unless you have obtained written SBA approval for your team to be considered in another size category). (2) A capability statement (between ten to twenty pages) describing your capability and expertise to perform the services outlined in this announcement, specifically indicating: 1. Capability to provide the implementation and support of research and development services as outlined in this announcement. 2. A demonstrated capability of management and oversight on a requirement of this size/magnitude (a research and engineering scientific effort of approximately $53 million per year), scope (similar in nature to that described in this notification including management of a geographically dispersed effort with relationships/partnerships throughout the continental U.S.), and complexity (scientific state of the art research and development in fossil energy related research including technology development and demonstration) 3. A demonstrated capability of providing access to a flexible revolving workforce. Specifically, access to the necessary scientist and engineers who are considered industry and/or academia leaders in the field of energy research and engineering. Ability to demonstrate that these highly qualified experts are available to be committed to the scope identified in this announcement which would include both long term and short term work assignments. Including the ability to have access to specialized scientist, engineers, and facilities to meet the needs of off-site research efforts (including the necessary relationships with a variety of higher educational entities to perform academic research efforts at facilities throughout the continental U.S.) In regards to trade and technician labor, a demonstrated capability of providing labor of sufficient skill when and where needed without encumbrances from long term labor commitments (implementing a revolving workforce). 4. Demonstrated capability in providing quality and safe services such as those that are governed by Federal regulations or policies relative to; Integrated Safety Management, Quality Assurance, Environmental Compliance, Conduct of Operations, Procurement, Property Management, and protection of data/intellectual property interests. 5. Demonstrated capability in management of the variety of subcontracting or teaming efforts anticipated under this contract (including the management of efforts conducted by higher educational entities, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations). This capability can be demonstrated through past experience in management of large scale subcontracting and teaming partnerships with a variety of organizations (note: it is expected that this requirement will include access to higher educational entities therefore in order to demonstrate the capability of this element, the respondent must demonstrate management of subcontracting or teaming with multiple higher educational entities). 6. Demonstrated ability to assume the financial responsibilities associated with receiving a contract of this projected dollar amount. Specifically, the assurance that resources are available to meet payrolls, subcontracting, and material obligations at this magnitude. It is recommended that submittals be limited to between ten and twenty pages. For consistency, the respondent is instructed to submit their response in either MS Word (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format (version 2003 or earlier). All interested parties responding to this market survey must submit their responses via the FedConnect no later than 3:00 PM Local Time (Morgantown, WV) on June 05, 2013. The FedConnect web portal (found at https://www.fedconnect.net) is used to disseminate this sources sought notification, receive questions, and accept the expressions of interests and demonstrated capability information in response to this notification. ONLY RESPONSES RECEIVED THROUGH FEDCONNECT WILL BE ANALYZED IN RESPONSE TO THIS NOTICE. Your are strongly encouraged to submit your Expression of Interest/Capability Statement at least 24 hours before the specified due date in order to have time to resolve any transmission problems. It is your responsibility to allow an adequate amount of time for receipt of your submission. To get started, download a copy of the quick start guide, ¿FedConnect, Ready, Set, Go Guide¿ which will provide assistance/instructions on registering, finding an opportunity, sending and receiving messages, and submitting a response. To register, please visit the FedConnect web portal at https://www.fedconnect.net, and click on the link: ¿Click here to register.¿ Please note that before you can register in FedConnect, you will need a DUNS (http://fedgov.dnb.com/webform) and a federal System for Award Management (SAM) account (www.sam.gov). You are encouraged to register as soon as possible and should allow at least 14 days to complete these registrations. To find this Sources Sought Notification, click on ¿Search Public Opportunities¿ and search by the RFP Number, DE-SOL-0005395 used to identify this sources sought notice. Please bookmark this page and check it frequently for updates. It is highly recommended that once you access the opportunity that you request to be alerted for amendments, messages, and any e-mail alerts associated with this requirement. To do so, you will need to click on the ¿Register to Receive Notifications¿ button under ¿What do I do now?¿ If someone from your company has already registered interest for this opportunity, the ¿Register to Receive Notifications¿ button will not display. Instead, you will have the option to join the response team by clicking the Join the Team button within the Response Team section. All questions regarding the content of this notification must be submitted electronically via FedConnect. You must register with FedConnect to respond as an interested party to submit questions, and to view responses to questions. Questions and answers will also be posted to the electronic reading room available at the following Web address http://www.netl.doe.gov/business/solicitations/ssc2008/index.html. Questions will not be answered over the phone. The Contracting Officer must receive questions regarding the Sources Sought Notification via FedConnect no later than ten (10) business days prior to the established due date. The Government will review the questions and reserves the right to not respond to any questions received after this timeframe or not relevant to providing responses to this notification. Please note - FedConnect is owned and operated by Compusearch Software Systems Inc., not by the Department of Energy and DOE does not provide help desk assistance for FedConnect. For assistance with FedConnect, please contact FedConnect directly: By e-mail: support@FedConnect.net By phone: 1-800-899-6665 (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time, except Federal holidays). As indicated previously, this is NOT a solicitation therefore no cost or pricing information should be provided. This is a market survey to identify potential sources capable of performing the effort required. Responses should be limited to the offeror¿s expression of interest, identification of business size, and demonstration of capabilities/experience based on the items indicated in this notification.

Reference number: DE-SOL-0005395
Issue date: 05/02/2013
Response due: 06/05/2013 08:00 PM US/Eastern

Set Aside: N/A
NAICS: 541712

Agency: DOE

Contracting office:

Morgantown Campus
3610 Collins Ferry Road
PO Box 880
Morgantown, WV 26507-0880

Place of Performance:

Contact: Donald Hafer
Email: DE-SOL-0005395@netl.doe.gov

Vendors conference:



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