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TitleTypeAgencyIssuing OfficeIssue DateResponse Due DatePSC / FSCNAICSReference Number
Amendment 000001 - Technical Surveillance CountermSolicitationDOE - DOENNSA Non-M&O Contracting Operations5/23/2016 06/17/2016 04:00 PM US/Eastern R499541690DE-SOL-0009358
Helicopter flight services in support of CadastralSolicitationDOI - DOInterior Business Center, AQD5/23/2016 06/20/2016 10:00 AM US/Eastern V221481211D16PS00183
2016 BUTTE FALLS PCT AND HAND PILINGSolicitationDOI - BLMBLM OR-ST OFC PROC MGMT BR(OR952)5/18/2016 06/15/2016 01:30 PM US/Eastern F014115310L16PS00555
PINN TRASH SERVICE WEST SIDESolicitationDOI - NPSNPS, PWR - PORE MABO5/23/2016 06/09/2016 04:00 PM US/Eastern S205562111P16PS01371
Questions and AnswersSpecial NoticeDOE - DOENNSA Services Acquisition Branch5/23/2016 5:35:39 PM 06/10/2016 04:30 PM US/Eastern Q999621112DE-SOL-0009243
WINDMILL REPAIR FOR NPL FOR PREVENTIVE MAINTSolicitationDOI - BIABIA NAVAJO 000095/23/2016 05/25/2016 12:00 PM US/Eastern J099333111A16PS00634
Erect Gate at Solstice Canyon in MalibuSolicitationDOI - NPSNPS, PWR - GOGA MABO5/19/2016 05/26/2016 05:00 PM US/Eastern N054332323P16PS01205
Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract (LLCC)Modification to Pre-solicitation NoticeDOE - DOEEMCBC5/23/2016 4:24:06 PM F999562910DE-SOL-0008109
Land Study of Lower Brule ReservationSolicitationDOI - BIABIA GPRO 000015/23/2016 05/31/2016 12:00 PM US/Eastern R411531320A16PS00648
Sanitation Services for Ridgefield and SteigerwaldSolicitationDOI - FWSFWS, DIVISION OF CONTRACTING AND GE5/23/2016 05/26/2016 01:00 PM US/Eastern S205562991F16PS00601

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